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  • register

    i want to register but have no creditcard, so not possible. bit strange for a free account

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hello Karin,

    This service is only offered to End Users over the age of 18, and in jurisdictions where the age of majority is older than 18, you must satisfy that age in order to become a member by providing us with a valid credit card.  
    Furthermore, it allows us to check for card validation in case the member wants to purchase content in the future.

  • Awesome

    We've subscribed to the family package for just over a month now and my kids and I are really enjoying Geeker :)

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hi Stacy, nice to hear that your family is enjoying our Family membership!

    Thank you for being part of the Geeker family!

  • Cancel

    I downloaded this app to try & download a book that I needed but it doesn't even have it so I want to cancel my trial. Have no idea how to though cuss i can't find how to do so. If you could explain how to if really appreciate that, thanks.

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hi Selina, we're sorry to hear that you were unable to find the particular book you were looking for! We can only guarantee the availability of items which are found on our website, and not other sites. 

    However, we can confirm that your subscription has been cancelled as you requested.

    Thank you for being a part of Geeker!

  • I was told that I could get a 5 day free trial but I needed to put my credit card in to confirm who I was. I entered all my details, including my credit card number. However, I was unable to login to my account. Its says that I wasn't registered. Now I look at my account and see that they have been taking money from my account. I still can't even log in to cancel my membership.

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hi Carl,

    I checked our database and noticed you misspelled your email address during the signup process. You forgot the "k" in your email address.
    You can login using your email address without the "k" and update your information in the member's area.

    Have a great day and feel free to email us in case of further questions!

  • Review

    It doesn't have the shows it says it does. No walking dead.

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hi Crystal,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Note that the disclaimer on the bottom of our website states that we can only guarantee the existence of any files found on
    If you have been falsely redirected to our website you can send us an email at with the infringing link and our DMCA team will take care of it.

    Have a nice day! 

  • in my opinion

    dont work in my tv

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Hi Christian,

    We're sorry to hear but we do recommend that you use our site on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

  • Loving it!

    My train rides to work are so much better now!

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    We're happy to know our service makes your day better Tina! 

  • all media in 1 site!

    Love the fact that I do not have to switch/login between different media sites to access my media!

    imageGeeker Customer Support Team

    Thanks Sam!

  • Content

    Good site with huge amount of content

Anything you want to share with us? Write A Review